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Residential Experts at ClearStone PM


At ClearStone Property Management, we know what it takes to manage your residential property in and around Los Angeles, California.

We are a full service property management company and licensed real estate brokerage, with offices based in the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area, and we offer a full range of landlord services. 


Leasing Services

Our knowledge of the rental markets in the L.A. area is unmatched, and we use our knowledge to your benefit. We provide a comprehensive market analysis with real-time comparables so that you can find the perfect price point for your rental property. We also provide professional recommendations so that you can get your property ready to rent. This includes opinions on how upgrades could affect the value and price of your rental. We’ll even do aggressive internet marketing to find you the right tenant fast. 


Tenant Screening 

We know that you want the best tenants possible, so we perform comprehensive tenant screenings for you. Our tenant screenings include a criminal background check, full credit check, employment and income verification, resident history eviction screening, reference checks, and previous landlord verification. As the landlord, you are always involved in the final tenant selection so that you feel comfortable with who you’re renting to. 


Tenant Payment and Rent Collection

Like any rental property owner, you’re in it to make money which means you need timely payment and rent collection. We provide tenant payment and rent collection services to make that happen. Our convenient payment options allows tenants to pay even if it’s the weekend or after hours so they have no excuse to not pay their rent on time. Tenants have the option of making payments by mail-in, drop-off, or online payments. We’re aggressive in collecting your rent on time and we’ll apply any applicable late fees for you when necessary. 


Eviction Services

Unfortunately, even the most careful tenant screening can’t prevent the occasional necessity of evicting a tenant. At Clearstone Property Management, we understand that evictions tend be tedious and time consuming. In the rental world time really is money, so we have a streamlined, automated system in place to ensure that progress is made quickly if an eviction becomes necessary. Don’t worry, part of our residential expertise is that we know the laws and codes involved in evictions and make sure that they are followed while we work to minimize the time lost to this process. Additionally, you are always involved in the important decisions so that any problems or shifts in circumstance can be accounted for on a case-by-case basis. 


Maintenance Services

No matter how great your tenants are, maintenance is one of the unavoidable parts of owning rental property. It’s important to remember that prompt attention to maintenance requests can lower your turnover rate, increase tenant satisfaction, and help turn tenants into lifetime customers. Additionally, there are many property codes and laws that impact maintenance when you own rental property. That means you really should have a residential expert on your side to make sure you are in compliance

When you work with ClearStone Property Management, our residential experts become your residential experts. We do the hard work so that you don’t have to. Contact us today to learn more.