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How is my property marketed?

We pay for all signage and labor costs related to marketing your property for rent.  We will also place your property on our website and our rental listing hot sheet as part of our service.  Our fee structure already includes an advertising package. The benefits of the advertising package are:

  • Listing your property on over 60 of the most commonly clicked on rental related websites on the internet today in the Los Angeles area.
  • Your property will have a dedicated page and internet ads can be more comprehensive than newspaper advertisements. Video tours are placed on many websites to drive traffic and attain more interest, which leads to shorter vacancy periods.
  • These websites drive unlimited leads which we will track for you and provide you with feedback, so that appropriate steps can be taken if the traffic is not up to expectation, e.g. pending maintenance to be done, tenants do not like the color of the walls, condition of carpet, the price too high for the square footage offered, etc.
  • Local and out of state renters are able to search for a rental prior to their moves, and are able to get a feel for the property with our video tours. 
  • We do not normally recommend advertising on the MLS, but we will include this at no additional cost upon request. Please contact us for further explanation.