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Thursday, 19 September 2013 22:56

How Property Management Companies in San Fernando Valley fix Tenant Issues

Written by  ClearStone Property Manager
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One of the biggest concerns of property management companies in San Fernando Valley is about dealing with tenant issues. This is because the tenant’s actions largely affect the rental unit and their neighbors as well. First and foremost, late payments are one of the most common tenant problems. Property management companies are not spared from this, even if there is a good pre-screening process prior to the lease. So to make it easier for the tenants to settle their rents on time, there are several payments options which are offered, and most can be done online, which is now more convenient.

Then there are maintenance issues which are caused by negligence. This is because some tenants do not  feel responsible for their units, and since there is no sense of ownership involved. This is why property managers conduct routine inspections to the rental units to ensure that the home maintains its upkeep. Moreover, there are noise violation issues which affect the nearby residents, especially in apartments. Property management companies are aware of this and would often remind the tenants to be considerate of their neighbors. Most of the time, issues like these are stated in the lease agreement, and when things get worse, an eviction could be filed to maintain peace and order within the rental premises.

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