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Thursday, 29 May 2014 16:17

LA Property Management By ClearStone Property Management

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Los Angeles Property Management and Pools

There are property management companies in Los Angeles who are ready to assist rental homeowners in making the venture of owning investment property a lot less stressful-- ClearStone Property Management is one of them.

LA Property ManagementWe all know that there are risks involved in investing in real estate property, and the stakes are higher if the unit is intended for rental purposes. There are greater risks involved in renting, and most of these problems are caused by bad decisions--uninformed landlords, improper tenant screening, inability to appropriately handle maintenance, or legal matters, just to name a few. That is why there is a need to hire a professional property management company to ensure that appropriate measures are taken for these issues to be prevented.

When it comes to rent collection, late payments and bouncing checks are a common issue. Property management companies help prevent these by ensuring a rigorous verification of the tenant applicant’s financial stability, credit history, work history, employment and income verification, and reference checks. Poor maintenance also affects the value of the rental property and makes for unhappy tenants, which is why regular inspections and repairs must be monitored and coordinated in a proper and timely fashion. A professional property management company should have the appropriate maintenance personnel ready to promptly assist and should maintain a certain quality of work at a competitive price. In worse cases, landlords sometimes have to deal with unauthorized residents and illegal activities, which pose a greater risk to the property. A lease agreement that maintains clauses to protect the owners interests and minimizes liability are best handled by a legitimate rental management company and not by a boiler template lease that is purchased at your local office supply store. To sum it up, prevention of these common tenant problems leads to a successful rental business venture. With the assistance of an efficient property management company, the tenants and the property owner may both thrive in cooperation with each other.


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